Day by day increasing nuisance value in celebration of festivals.

Gone are the days when we used to eagerly wait for festivals and miss the same for whole year once they come to an end. Improper human interferene in the festivals by using banes of technology has contaminated the festive fervor to such an extent that we often tend to ignore or abstain from public versions of these festivals , if not openly criticise the same.
Of late, we witnessed demonic avatar of Dahihandi festival on the event of birth celebration of Lord Krishna. Dolby music nonsense, risking the lives of innocent boys and girls, ugly display of money power are some of the forms of today’s festival celebration norms which are creating and increasing nuisance value of festivals and main purpose of the festivals has drifted away long back.Lord Krishna took birth to eradicate the Adharma but the so called participants and arrangers themselves behave like Demons who promote Adharma on this occasion.There is no other word than “Adharma” to better explain the nuisance caused to common people by these festivities.The sound intensity levels created by Dolby music have surpassed Nuisance levels and this makes life very difficult for infants , terminally ill people who stay nearby such festivities. The boys dancing to the tune of such noisy music are under the influence of alcohol so they do not have sound brain conditions to feel the heat of noise.It is ironical that in today’s world of smartphone and almost free internet, these simple scientific facts are ignored by everybody who celebrate the festival in the way they are.Today’s foolish young generation sees idols in Cinema characters and therefore songs like “Avaj vadhav DJ tula aai chi shapath hay” pour fuel in this fire of DJ addiction.

We should always try to spread the word about these evils of public forms of festivities and how they can be avoided. Mob psychology may or may not let our effort succeed. Start from the mandal people who come at your doorstep for chanda and explain them about ill effects of noise. A knee jerk reaction to such efforts may be we are targeting only Hindu festivals whereas this happens in festivals of all religions. Its agreed but it should be noted that we can first take steps to remove evils from our religion which is easier than that of others.

Ganeshotsav , grand festival of Maharashtra in particular and same for whole nation in general is no exception in this regard. My heart goes to families who stay nearby to all kinds of noises created by ganeshotsav. Strict adherence to maintaining decibel levels below allowed should happen at all times during the festival. More and more pandals should take initiative to carry out Visarjan in nearby hauds provided. A solution would be to allow only 30% of Public Ganeshas to be allowed procession more than 1km for visarjan and this can be done turn by turn every year. This will help reduce the length of enormous time taken by procession. Spreading public awareness about properly maintaining noise levels lacks out of mob fear.

Lets wish the nuisance value of festivals reduces and they become more and more citizen friendly. We should do a bit of this by explaining our neighbouring pandals and requesting them to take steps to act.

Having said this, let’s also admire our police force who work round the clock to ensure that crowd is controlled and any untoward incident is avoided by their constant alertness.

Happy festivities ! Stay away from crowd and noise and enjoy.

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