Kerala flood relief donations and prayer to the Almighty.

An unprecedented disaster has struck Kerala/ Part of Karnataka.

Our prayers are with those affected and let’s hope soon the rains will slow down and situation would improve.The fellow citizens of India and almost all state governments have given a helping hand generously in terms of monetory and kind donations. Let’s hope this kind gesture helps the needy. Also army and NDRF have come to their help in the form of God, the Savior.

At this time of distress it is more important to express solidarity with the diseased. At the same time one should not ignore that some opportunistic elements in society crop up at such times and they make their advantage by unethical means. Also there should be more and more transparency in the monetory and other aspects of relief work being done so that we can ensure that the help reaches to genuinely needy people.

More importantly , religious institues like temples mosques and churches who are having crores and crores of wealth should contribute at least 35 percent of their wealth to this cause. Because , ultimately the wealth they possess is from the donations of people like us only.

Hope this thought spreads in society and the needy get help to bring their life to normalcy and also flood waters recede as early as possible.

The IMD forecast says the rains will reduce so that is good news.

Let the God bless and give strength all brothers sisters and friends from Kerala/Karnataka who are in distress due to this catastrophic event!


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