Let’s enjoy freedom with responsibility.

“Freedom and Power come with responsibility”

…… Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

My fellow citizens of India….less than 2 days are remaining for 72nd anniversary of that fantastic moment of our motherland .. “Independence. Day”. As we know, innumerable indians under the leadership of selfless leaders like Mahatma Gandhi , Veer Savarkar , Netaji Subhash chandra Bose and others struggled a lot with hardship in achieving freedom for the motherland.Many of them laid their lives.This supreme sacrifice of all has given us the Independence. But our nation is still facing lot of challenges and we can also contribute towards facing these challenges and overcoming. Lack of discipline, lack of cleanliness, disrespect of Women and downtrodden , people resorting to violence while exercising the constitutional right of agitations are some of the challenges faced by us among others. It is very easy for us to address such issues by starting from ourselves. Small things like obeying traffic rules , keeping our campus and surrounding clean, recycling the dry waste and converting the wet waste into compost, not believing in rumours, respecting women as a deity are some of the initiatives which we can start from ourselves and spread the word for the same among our neighbours and make sure that the information is cascaded as enough as possible. Active steps towards self discipline, cleanliness and respect towards women will ensure that we are enjoying the fruits of freedom
Today’s is world of technology. Internet and smartphones have become integral part of our life. One can admire them and others can criticise but nobody can ignore these avenues.Of course, we should use these responsibly so that a nice message passes to next generations. I would like to hail the efforts of Former prime minister Late Rajiv Gandhi who was pioneer of information technology in India. Similarly current prime minister Narendra Modi must be admired for creating a conducive atmosphere for telecom business to spread with healthy competition thereby reducing the price of internet facilities to a very reasonable magnitude. Computer and internet literacy is also increasing day by day which is reason to rejoice and celebrate. But we should be aware of the terrific consequences of misusing these avenues and avoid being addict to them.

Some unfortunate incidents of lynching innocent by mobs, atrocities on women and girls would certainly bring tears of immense sorrow to our Bharat Mata. We should take initiatives to stop such incidents in future .Inclination towardrs humanity , rational thinking and compassion towards every human being will help eradicate these evils from our society. We should not put blame only on government for every bad thing that occurs around us .It is our responsibility to analyze why such incidents occur frequently and how we can educate the citizens to avoid such misdeeds.

On international level, influx of illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries , long unresolved Kashmir dispute and Pakistan’s open support to terrorism are some of the serious issues that may threaten the sovereignty of India but let’s hope resolving this issues will happen by meaningful dialogue among all parties and this should happen cutting across party lines. That would be great honour of democracy. Let’s also not be judgemental about the leadership of Imran Khan as next prime minister of Pakistan . As he has recently expressed will to improve relations with India., Let’s trust him and work towards building beautiful Indian subcontinent.

So fellow citizens , Freedom is definitely the most magnificent event that we are witnessing from 1947 but let’s be more and more responsible by understanding the burning issues before our nation and taking active initiatives for resolving the same.

Let humanity , peace and non violence prevail everywhere and let us make India. a nation which would be role model for our neighbours.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat


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