The rude multiplex owners and government’s inaction towards court orders.

The exorbitant rates of food items in multiplex premises is an example of how such a small issue is delayed in addressing due to disrespect of judiciary and inaction of government and police.

Long back high court has directed the owners that food items in their premises cannot be sold at a price other than MRP but they(owners) turned blind eye to this.Government was supposed to take action against them but even after some PILs were filed in this case it did nothing.One can easily doubt whether there is some quid pro quo between these parties which is keeping the issue alive. This gave opportunity to MNS party workers to take law in hand and engage in physical attacks on the owners.

As was rightly said by honorable high court today, selling food items is not the job of multiplex , they are only supposed to entertain the audience with movie and allied services.Also the reason given by Multiplexwallahas not to allow home cooked snacks or food to their premises in the name of security concerns is very absurd. The security check up should not be so shoddy if it is. Forget about high priced snacks, not long ago the situation was so that they were not allowing water bottles neither they were keeping drinking water in the premises. Audience were forced to buy mineral water. There is some improvement in this regard now. To combat this issue audience should also do one thing …they should unite and refrain from buying any food from such counter.This will help the owners understand the issue and better sense will prevail and they will improve. Otherwise this is one more case where high court directives are overlooked and greedy human nature will prevail. Let’s hope this issue gets solved ASAP so that audience would be happy, law won’t be taken in hand and media would not complicate the issue by adding and continuing more debates on this issue. May God give all parties wisdom to think rationally and resolve this issue.

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