Parmanu the story of Pokhran……Outstanding experience.

Parmanu …the story of Pokhran is brilliant biopic of milestone achievement of India ……1998 nuclear tests. The film presents the story of Pokhran in an entertaining manner while audience may think that it could not be more than documentary of events. The story begins with Ashwath Raina(John Abraham) suggesting to go for nuclear test but his opinion is overlooked first.Then tests are conducted by his seniors but fail. Dejected……….. Ashwath loses hope but he gets another chance to prove his Calibre. It is interesting to see how tests are finally conducted overcoming so many hurdles such as American spy satellite survelliance, political stability at center, dust storms etc.The film is shot in actual pokhran site and the photography is phenomenal. John has perfectly portrayed character of Ashwath who tirelessly works with team and achieves the target. Boman Irani has played the characters of chief advisor to PM who has faith in Ashwath and gives him opportunity to prove himself and ultimately succeeds. Ashwath’s wife played by Anuja Sathe is also brilliantly played character.Entire team of scientists and defense personnel on the operation give a feeling of great teamwork and success.The film is really worth watch for all age groups alike and l give Rating of 4 out of 5. Congratulations to entire team for the fantastic entertainment presented.

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